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Fraunhofer Singapore is a non-profit private research centre founded by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. At Fraunhofer, we aim at the creation of scientific knowledge capable of generating added value to its clients and partners, exploring technology innovations oriented toward economic growth, the social well-being, and the improvement of the quality of life of its end-users. 

Fraunhofer Singapore is the only affiliate of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Asia, delivering applied research and development services. Built upon more than 20 years of engagement in Singapore, we are a key player in translational research providing added value for the industry, government institutions, corporate labs, research institutes, and academia.

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft belongs to the leading organizations for applied research worldwide. Its research activities are conducted by 75 institutes and research institutions at locations throughout Germany. International collaboration with outstanding research partners and companies from around the world brings Fraunhofer into direct contact with the key regions that drive scientific progress and economic development. With our activities we are a driving force in innovation.

Competence and Research Centres in Singapore


Fraunhofer Singapore CAIS

Fraunhofer Centre for Applied and Integrated Security (FSR-CAIS)

  • Contract R&D, Public & Private Sector
  • Consulting, Solutions, Training

Strategic Partnership with NTU

Collaborative Research Centre NTU-Fraunhofer Singapore (FSR@NTU)

  • Partner for Public Funded Innovation Projects at NTU
  • Cooperation in Academic Education

Worth Knowing

Fraunhofer Singapore

Competence Platform for Applied Research in Cybersecurity

Fraunhofer Singapore is strengthening its activities in the fields of information security with a collaboration of different Fraunhofer Institutes and partners.

Further Education

Cybersecurity Training Lab Portfolio

Fraunhofer Singapore offers training courses with a focus on embedded systems, mobile security, IoT and other topics as part of the Cybersecurity Learning Lab.   

Coordinator & Research Partner

National Quantum-Safe Network (NQSN)

Fraunhofer Singapore supports the development and deployment of a quantum network in Singapore for end-users and stakeholders to explore the technology, complemented by supporting standardization, security testing, and certification efforts.



Fraunhofer Singapore supports companies in operating their infrastructures, production facilities, business processes and distribution networks securely and reliably. There are various ways to collaborate with Fraunhofer Singapore.

News & Media


Fraunhofer Singapore Research sets a new focus on Cybersecurity and Quantum Technologies

Fraunhofer Singapore ties with Fraunhofer Institute AISEC, one of the leading cyber- and information security institutes in Germany and Europe.



National Quantum-Safe Network

NUS and Fraunhofer Singapore are researching towards a future quantum internet and the development of a quantum network in Singapore for end-users and stakeholders to explore the technology.


Vendor Neutral Expertise

Competence Centre for Quantum Security

With our Competence Centre  for Quantum Security, we support companies and public institutions in transfering to quantum-resistant cryptographic procedures and integrating quantum-safe solutions. 


Fraunhofer Academy

Charlie and the Quantum Factory

Immerse yourself in the topic of "quantum computing" in a playful way! The serious game "Charlie and the Quantum Factory" is a development of the cybersecurity learning laboratory. You can start playing right away, as no installation is necessary. 


Fraunhofer Singapore

Executive Management at Fraunhofer Singapore

Michael Kasper has taken over the responsibility for Fraunhofer Singapore in April 2022 and heads the transition towards new domain areas and collaboration between Fraunhofer and partners in Singapore.


Fraunhofer Singapore

Excellence in Research: New Academic Team Up at Fraunhofer Singapore

Prof. Georg Sigl (Fraunhofer AISEC, TU Munich, TUM Asia) and Prof. Marian Margraf (Fraunhofer AISEC, FU Berlin) join Fraunhofer Singapore as affiliated chief scientists and adjuct professors. 


Fraunhofer Mgazine 02/22

Security that reflects the times we live in

Read our magazine on a new era, new challenges, new solutions in protection and security.



In the News

In The Straits Times, learn more on how S'pore creates its first quantum cryptography testbed, to get closer to building an unhackable internet.

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