VR Training for Offshore Crisis

Fraunhofer Singapore works to bring Virtual Reality LNG Fire Fighting to Singapore Polytechnic. With the integration of novel human factors evaluation, our VR for Industrial Training is in a class of its own.

Business Continuity Plan with VR

Prof Mueller-Wittig shares his insights on virtual reality as a business continuity plan on Channel NewsAsia's MoneyMind.

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Singapore Ranked #4 in Most Safe Region

Singapore is among the safest places to live in during the Covid-19 pandemic according to a new study by the Deep Knowledge Group.

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NTU President at Fraunhofer Singapore

Professor Subra Suresh, the President of NTU, together with Professor Lam Khin Yong, Senior Vice President (Research), visited Fraunhofer Singapore on 20 February 2020 to see the centre´s latest developments in Visual Computing.

Research Areas & Competence Centers


AI Image Analysis and Data Visualisation

Fraunhofer Singapore provides automatic AI based image inspection for industrial production


Industrial Immersive Technologies

Explore intelligent solutions and digital services to power the next generation of immersive technologies.


Cognitive Human-Machine Interaction

Developing novel methods and algorithms for the application of real-brain states recognition


Trustworthy and Secure Artificial Intelligence

Explores how to ensure and evaluate trust, safety and security related requirements of AI and Machine Learning applications.

News & Current Activities

Press Release / 1.7.2020

The Next Gen VR Trainer

The VR-TSST is the next gen VR trainer providing virtual training opportunities in immersive settings that are digital twins of their environments in real life.

Media / 18.4.2020

MoneyMind - Defying the Odds

Prof Mueller-Wittig shares his insights on how virtual reality could provide a 3D boost, to business continuity plans.



Your questions about COVID-19 answered and how Fraunhofer Singapore is doing our part.

News / 7.1.2020

What Germany can learn from Singapore

The Asian city-state Singapore is the model for progress in the world - and offers itself as a test laboratory for new technologies. The economic technocrats are not interested in democratic procedures, but in practical solutions.