Smart Nation Singapore

In DigiTec Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung this month, learn more about Fraunhofer SG's virtual city model and how we are contributing to Smart Nation Singapore.

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TB Drug Discovery Symposium

Fraunhofer SG developed a highly interactive web application for the 2nd Annual Symposium, organised by TOPNet and CDDD, enabling visitors to virtually attend the conference and learn the achievements in TB research through an engaging time travel experience.

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Experience our VR Simulations

Our showroom is equipped with all the tools for an immersive VR experience. Our recent guest, Earth Observatory Singapore (EOS) writer, testing out the VR Trainer implemented in SMRT.

Digitalization of Natural Objects

With our experience in 3D reconstruction, digital copies of organic objects like plastinated body parts or stones can be created preserving their geometry and material properties with high accuracy.

Industrial AR

Our Augmented Reality solutions help industrial clients with tasks, such as training, quality inspection, maintenance, repair and overhaul. With access to a home-grown AR tracking library, we are able to tailor solutions precisely to your needs.

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VR Building Walkthrough

Fraunhofer SG developed a pre-build visualisation of the Fraunhofer Austria office in Klagenfurt (KI4LIFE) using real-time lighting to illuminate the environment.

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Stress and Fatigue Monitoring in VR Environments

Leveraging on eye tracking technology, Fraunhofer SG developed an innovative real-time stress and fatigue monitoring algorithm as an additional layer of evaluation currently implemented in VR-TSST at SMRT.

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Transplant Segmentation Using AI

In collaboration with SingHealth and Duke NUS, Fraunhofer SG support clinicians with the semi-automatic segmentation of complex abdominal structures. The resulting interactive visualisations can help in education and planning of rare medical procedures.

Virtual SARS-CoV-2

With our digital representation of the SARS-CoV-2 viral structure, experience high-quality immersive and virtual exploration from anywhere.

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A Key Player for Translational Research

Fraunhofer Singapore is the only affiliate of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Asia delivering applied research and development services with focus on AI-based and trusted innovations for Computer Vision and Immersive Technologies, Cybersecurity and Digital Resilience, Advanced Manufacturing and Urban Sustainability.

Built upon more than 20 years of engagement in Singapore, we are a key player for translational research providing added value for industry, government institutions, corporate labs, research institutes and academia.


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News & Media


VR for the Elderly

Learn how we aid the elderly in gaining confidence when using ATMs and cashless-checkout stations with virtual reality.


Virtual Experiences

Explore virtual experiences with us! Enter our Fraunhofer Singapore virtual showroom and learn about our digital solutions.

Press Release

The Next Gen VR Trainer

The VR-TSST is the next gen VR trainer delivering new levels of realism in immersive training.


MoneyMind - Defying the Odds

Learn how virtual reality could provide a 3D boost to business continuity plans.

Research Areas & Competence Centers


AI Image Analysis and Data Visualisation

Fraunhofer Singapore provides automatic AI based image inspection for industrial production


Industrial Immersive Technologies

Explore intelligent solutions and digital services to power the next generation of immersive technologies.


Trustworthy and Secure Artificial Intelligence

Explores how to ensure and evaluate trust, safety and security related requirements of AI and Machine Learning applications.


Cognitive Human-Machine Interaction

Developing novel methods and algorithms for the application of real-brain states recognition