Happy Lunar 'Niu' Year of the Ox!

Fraunhofer Singapore wishes everyone a prosperous lunar new year of the Ox. May your year be filled with abundance of smiles and laughter.

Industrial AR

Our Augmented Reality solutions help industrial clients with tasks, such as training, quality inspection, maintenance, repair and overhaul. With access to a home-grown AR tracking library, we are able to tailor solutions precisely to your needs.

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Virtual Experiences

Go virtual with us! Learn about our digital solutions and explore our Fraunhofer Singapore virtual showroom.

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German Ambassador Visits Fraunhofer Singapore

We were honoured to host the newly appointed German Ambassador to Singapore, His Excellency Dr Riedel, at our centre for an introduction and live demonstration of our technologies and services.

Virtual SARS-CoV-2

With our digital representation of the SARS-CoV-2 viral structure, experience high-quality immersive and virtual exploration from anywhere.

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The Next Gen VR Trainer

In collaboration with SMRT, the Virtual Reality Training Simulator for Shunting of Trains (VR-TSST) delivers new levels of realism in immersive training.

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VR Training for Offshore Crisis

Fraunhofer Singapore works to bring Virtual Reality LNG Fire Fighting to Singapore Polytechnic. With the integration of novel human factors evaluation, our VR for Industrial Training is in a class of its own.

News & Current Activities


Virtual Experiences

Explore virtual experiences with us! Enter our Fraunhofer Singapore virtual showroom and learn about our digital solutions.


SARS-CoV-2 Visualiser

Experience high quality immersive exploration with our digital representation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

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The Next Gen VR Trainer

The VR-TSST is the next gen VR trainer delivering new levels of realism in immersive training.


MoneyMind - Defying the Odds

Learn how virtual reality could provide a 3D boost to business continuity plans.

Research Areas & Competence Centers


AI Image Analysis and Data Visualisation

Fraunhofer Singapore provides automatic AI based image inspection for industrial production


Industrial Immersive Technologies

Explore intelligent solutions and digital services to power the next generation of immersive technologies.


Trustworthy and Secure Artificial Intelligence

Explores how to ensure and evaluate trust, safety and security related requirements of AI and Machine Learning applications.


Cognitive Human-Machine Interaction

Developing novel methods and algorithms for the application of real-brain states recognition


Digital Resilience and Cyber Security

At Fraunhofer Singapore, we are working on the elements for securing and protecting digital technologies and services.