Fraunhofer Centre for Applied and Integrated Security (FSR-CAIS)

Strategic Research Fields and Competence Areas

At Fraunhofer Singapore, an interdisciplinary team of experienced scientists and research engineers work passionately in solving real-world challenges and application-oriented excellence in research. Fraunhofer Singapore continually strengthens and expands core competencies addressing relevant lead markets in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Our main activities are currently bundled within the Centre for Applied and Integrated Security (CAIS). We are closely linked with our research group and scientists at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. The following competencies and research areas are our focus:

  • Quantum Security
  • Trustworthy AI
  • Cyber Physical Security 
  • Digital Sovereignity

Centre for Applied and Integrated Security - Research and Competence Areas


Quantum Security

  • Cryptoagility and Quantum Readiness
  • Quantum-Enhanced Cryptoanalysis
  • Quantum-Safe Networks: QKD & PQC hybrid Architectures, Quantum Hacking and Practical QKD Security

Trustworthy AI

  • Protecting And Securing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • DeepFakes and DeepFake Detection
  • Privacy-Enhancing Computation and Differential Privacy in AI

Cyber Physical Security

  • Physical Layer Security, Embedded Security, and Side-Channel Resistance
  • Cyber physical systems and sensor technology for safety and security applications and resilient infrastructures

Digital Sovereignty

  • Data Sovereignty and Data Control
  • Privacy Preserving Technologies and Data Protection
  • International Data Spaces and Secure Data Ecosystems

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Professional Training and Further Education Courses

Building a successful research and innovation partnership between Singapore, Asia and Germany.



Fraunhofer Singapore Research Ltd. is in close collaboration with our strategic partner Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. This constellation provides a unique platform and a complementary portfolio for solving real-world challenges and application-oriented excellence in research. 

NTU and Fraunhofer are looking back to almost 20 years of successful scientific cooperation and research and development activities focused on emerging technologies and exploring mutual interests in science and technology, contributing to the economic well-being of Singapore and the Asian region. 

Fraunhofer Singapore Research Ltd core portfolio addresses industrial contract research and technology development. Fraunhofer Singapore is fully integrated into the network of the Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany. .

The Fraunhofer Research Centre FRC@NTU depends legally on Nanyang Technological University and is a research centre together and in collaboration with Fraunhofer (previously IDM@NTU, renamed in April 2022).

Fraunhofer Singapore Research Ltd provides:

  • Industrial contract research and technology development
  • Consulting Services and Studies for clients from industry and governmental agencies
  • Professional skills training and continous education
  • Bridge to/between Germany and Singapore for applied research and access to the Fraunhofer network for academic and industrial partners 

Fraunhofer FRC@NTU provides:

  • Collaboation platform for joint participation in public funding programmes, together with partners from academia and industry   
  • Joint Strategic collaborative research and technology development and First-of-its kind proof-of-concept developments
  • Collaboration in academic education

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Michael Kasper

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Michael Kasper

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Chief Executive Officer, Fraunhofer Singapore & Executive Director, Centre for Applied and Integrated Security (CAIS)

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