Fraunhofer Quantum Technologies

The second-generation quantum technologies have already resulted in an increasing number of practical applications and bear a high innovation potential for the years to come. Fraunhofer scientists are involved at the latest R&D advancements and applications in the areas of:

  • Quantum Imaging & Optics​
  • Quantum Communication 
  • Quantum Sensing​
  • Quantum Computing​ 

Fraunhofer Quantum Innovations

Quantum Communication

For the first time in the realm of cryptography, quantum communication enables quantifiable security based on nature’s laws of quantum physics.

Quantum Sensing​

Quantum sensors achieve unprecedented high spatial resolution and sensitivity beyond what can be achieved with classical sensors.

Quantum Imaging & Optics

With tailor-made quantum states of light we can overcome classical limits of noise and resolution, improving images under critical conditions.

Quantum Computing

Principles of quantum physics revolutionize computation by solving complex problems which are out of reach of classical machines.

The Quantum Breakthrough