Mission Statement

Fraunhofer is an international leader in applied research. These are our core mission statements:

  • Fraunhofer Singapore Research seeks to contribute to the development of Singapore's industry through applied research.
  • We partner with companies to transform original ideas into innovations that benefit society and strengthen the economy.
  • With our research and development efforts, we aim to respond to the needs of the strategic research sectors of Singapore and Germany.
  • Applied research is the basis of the Foundation. We work closely with companies, academia, and governmental partners to transform their original ideas and needs into innovations that benefit society and can contribute to Singapore's economic development.
  • Support to strengthen the partnership between both countries, Germany and Singapore.

Fraunhofer Singapore's main objective is to provide a platform to generate added value and create opportunities for new value creation in research and society. Based on the mission statement, the Fraunhofer Singapore Model follows a strategy with clear principles: value creation - in and with - applied research for both, our partners in Singapore and Fraunhofer, as well as positive effects for Singapore and Germany’s society, are essential goals of our strategic collaboration and engagement.

Our Objectives and Mission Statement at a Glance

Providing Applied Research and Outreach Activities in Singapore and the Region

Setting up and operating research activities and outreach programmes in cooperation with Fraunhofer and organizations from Singapore.

Translation into Applications for Society and Industry

Promoting the work of scientific research and their practical applications, for allow advanced industrial uses through applied research.

Know-How Transfer and Professional Skills Training in Emerging Technologies

Supporting local industries by transferring knowledge, know-how and research results

Strengthen Collaboration and Exchange between Singapore and Germany

The formation and development of personnel and the exchange of scientists and technical staff between Singapore and German research institutions.

Our Mission

Our research is aimed at tackling the challenges facing present and future generations. We make an active and relevant contribution to solving current problems at national and global level. We help chart the course for industry, policy, and society and provide strategic advice on innovations and transformations towards a sustainable future. Our holistic, systemic view is the result of including diverse perspectives and different societal stakeholders.

With the Fraunhofer Singapore Research Centre for Applied and Integrated Security (FSR-CAIS), we support companies from all industries and service sectors in securing their systems, infrastructures, products, and offerings. We develop high-quality security technologies to increase the reliability, trustworthiness, and tamper-resistance of IT-based systems and products on behalf of our customers.

Our Guiding Principles

We work with open minds, adhere to the highest scientific standards, and deliver comprehensible results. We are independent, think ahead and outside the box and are not afraid to challenge common assumptions and premises about the research questions we address. In general Fraunhofer works along the following guiding principles:

  • Through our research we contribute to sustainable development on an ecological sound environment, and an economical successful and socially balanced world. We are strong commited to this responsibility. 
  • We promote well-balanced combination of excellent research and application-oriented development. This uniquely motivates us and achieves added values for our partners. 
  • We understand our clients and know their challenges of tomorrow. Together we develop integrated solutions for their long-term success.
  • We cooperate with the world's best in science and business. This strengthens our own innovation capacity and the economy in Germany and Singapore. 
  • We emphazise the great variety and interdiciplinary cooperation of our institutions. Faithful cooperation and team work promote synergies and enhance performance.
  • Our success relies on the knowledge and enthusiasm for applied research. Fraunhofer offers its staff excellent work conditions paired with a high degree of autonomy.

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