Sustainable Ocean Technology and Blue Economy

With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and technological advancements, our research portfolio in the blue economy encompasses a wide range of topics that address critical challenges and pave the way for a better future. Through our expertise, competencies, and collaborative efforts, we aim to drive positive change, develop sustainable solutions, and shape industries towards a more efficient, resilient, and environmentally conscious path.

We are committed to bridging the gap between domains, industries, and countries, fostering collaboration and knowledge transfer to bring the benefits of our research and development to all. We actively seek partnerships and cooperation with stakeholders worldwide to create a global network of expertise, ensuring that our innovations have a broad and positive impact on society, economies, and the environment. Explore our research areas to discover how we are pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making a significant impact in diverse fields

Blue Bioeconomy

Advancing Technologies for Marine Bioresources, Smart Aquaculture and Bioengineering

  • AI-based Solutions for Smart Fish Farming
  • Smart Aquaculture, Fish Farming and Nutrition, Fish Health

Green Shipping

Maritime Data Analytics and Advancements in Electric and Hydrogen Technologies

  • Carbon Neutral and Net-Zero Shipping
  • Data analysics and Route Optimization 
  • Exploration of Quantum ML to Maritime Logitics and Route Optimization

Maritime Operations

Advancements from Next Generation Port to Autonomous Vehicles:

  • AUV and USV for Remote Monitoring and Enhanced Operations
  • Analytics in Maritime Inspection, Defense and Protection

Ocean Health

Protecting Ocean Health and Coastal environments for our future needs.
  • Smart Sensor Systens and Analytics for Ocean Health Monitoring 
  • Solutions for Coastal and Reef Protection 
  • Investigation of Quantum Algorithms for Ocean Challenges

Next Generation Vessel Traffic Management System and Port Ops

  • Bio-sensor based Human Factor Evaluation for Professional Training and Performance Optimization 
  • Fatigueness and Stress Factors investigation using Brain Computer Interfaces, Eye Movement Characterisitcs and Wearables.

Maritime Security

  • Investigation of attacks and vulnerabilities in the maritime space
  • Simulation of cyberattacks on vessels, collabroation in testbeds and realistic test environments
  • Protection and Defenses

Research and Competence Areas

Blue Bioeconomy: Advancing Technologies for Marine Bioresources and Biotech

We have extensive competencies in the field of Blue Bioeconomy, focusing on the development of innovative technologies for sustainable aquaculture and marine bioresources. Our expertise lies in leveraging AI-based solutions to monitor water quality, livestock growth, and health, incorporating sensor technologies for real-time data collection. Additionally, we specialize in optimizing fish feed and nutrition through AI algorithms, ensuring the well-being and growth of aquatic organisms. Our research aims to promote the responsible and efficient utilization of marine resources, contributing to the sustainable development of the Blue Bioeconomy.

Green Shipping: Maritime Data Analytics for Sustainable and Efficient Shipping

At Fraunhofer, we excel in the area of Green Shipping, emphasizing the development of maritime data analytics for emissions assessment, consumption optimization, and overall efficiency enhancement. we excel in the area of Green Shipping, emphasizing the development of maritime data analytics for emissions assessment, consumption optimization, and overall efficiency enhancement. We understand that transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable shipping practices is of paramount importance. In line with this, we actively contribute to research and development in the field of electric and hydrogen technologies for the shipping industry.

Our competencies encompass the exploration of electric propulsion systems and the integration of hydrogen fuel cells in marine vessels. Our research and development efforts in electric and hydrogen technologies facilitate the transition towards greener and more sustainable maritime operations. We collaborate with industry partners, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies to drive innovation and shape the future of green shipping. Together, we strive to reduce emissions, minimize environmental impact, and achieve a more sustainable and efficient shipping industry.

Autonomous Operations: Advancements in Underwater and Surface Autonomous Vehicles

We are at the forefront of developing technologies for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and unmanned surface vehicles (USVs). Our competencies enable these vehicles to perform various tasks, including surveys, detection, and inspections in diverse industries such as ports, energy, aquaculture, and defense. Through remote monitoring capabilities, our AUVs and USVs enhance operational efficiency and safety. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to enable autonomous operations, empowering industries to achieve increased productivity and accuracy in their respective domains. Our expertise in autonomous systems is instrumental in driving innovation and automation across various sectors.

Ocean Health: Solutions for Monitoring and Assessing Coastal Ecosystems

We are committed to developing solutions that help protecting and monitoring ocean health parameters relevant to offshore operations and coastal ecosystems. Our expertise lies in the creation of a Digital Ocean Twin, which allows for real-time monitoring and assessment of oceanic conditions. Through the implementation of holistic life-cycle assessments (LCAs), we evaluate the environmental impact of technologies, products, assets, and operations within the ocean space. By combining cutting-edge sensor technologies and advanced data analytics, we provide actionable insights to promote sustainable practices and protect the delicate balance of coastal ecosystems. Our research contributes to preserving ocean health and supporting responsible decision-making in various industries.

Maritime Security: Bringing better Security on Board

As cyberattacks continue to escalate worldwide, critical infrastructure and industries are increasingly targeted. Even ships, vital components of global supply chains, often lack adequate protection for their on-board IT systems. Our mission is to raise awareness about the risks of insufficient cybersecurity at sea and develop defensive solutions. We simulate cyberattacks on ships, enabling us to detect vulnerabilities and implement effective defense mechanisms to safeguard against these threats.

Our Research Highlights


Artificial Intelligence for Smart Fish Farming and Aquaculture

Fraunhofer Singapore partners with Singapore Aquaculture Technologies to develop next-generation AI and sensor technology for advanced Smart Fishfarming.

Quantum Computing for Ocean Challenges

Quantum computers have the potential to solve more complex problems than classical digital computers – e.g., potential to coastal protection and help to net-zero carbon and climate-resiliency, while also reducing environmental impacts beyond carbon, including on waste, water and biodiversity.

Upcoming Events:

  • CHANGE 2023: ChangeNOW Paris Bubble Workshop | Panel discussion: Innovations in coastal protection. Orgnaized by: SGInnovate,  Our panelist: Dr. Steffen Knodt, Fraunhofer SOT, Wednesday, 25 May 2023, 3.00pm – 3.45pm

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Dr. Steffen Knodt affiliates with Fraunhofer Singapore. Steffen is an internationally recognised ocean and marine expert and board member of the Society for Maritime Technology and Head of the Sustainable Ocean Business Centre at Fraunhofer in Germany.

Maritime economy

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