Research and Competence Areas

Strategic Research Fields and Competence Areas

At Fraunhofer Singapore, an interdisciplinary team of experienced scientists and research engineers work passionately in solving real-world challenges and application-oriented excellence in research. Fraunhofer Singapore continually strengthens and expands core competencies addressing relevant lead markets in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Our main activities are currently bundled within the Centre for Applied and Integrated Security (CAIS). We are closely linked with our research group and scientists at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. The following competencies and research areas are our focus:

  • Quantum Security
  • Trustworthy AI
  • Cyber Physical Security 
  • Digital Sovereignity

Centre for Applied and Integrated Security - Research and Competence Areas


Quantum Security

  • Cryptoagility and Quantum Readiness
  • Quantum-Enhanced Cryptoanalysis
  • Quantum-Safe Networks: QKD & PQC hybrid Architectures, Quantum Hacking and Practical QKD Security

Trustworthy AI

  • Protecting And Securing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • DeepFakes and DeepFake Detection
  • Privacy-Enhancing Computation and Differential Privacy in AI

Cyber Physical Security

  • Physical Layer Security, Embedded Security, and Side-Channel Resistance
  • Cyber physical systems and sensor technology for safety and security applications and resilient infrastructures

Digital Sovereignty

  • Data Sovereignty and Data Control
  • Privacy Preserving Technologies and Data Protection
  • International Data Spaces and Secure Data Ecosystems

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Cognitive Security Technologies

Advances research at the interface between artificial intelligence (AI) and IT security.

Hardware Security

Securing and integrating microcontrollers and secure elements, as well as on the secure use of system-on-chips.

Product Protection and Industrial Security

Security solutions and new methods for securing electronic devices and corporate assets.

Service & Application Security

Security and data protection of distributed applications as well as secure data transfer.

Secure Operating Systems

Security of hardware-related software.

Secure Systems Engineering

Implementation of secure and usable IT systems for the development of digital systems.

Secure Infrastructures

Applied cryptography and the impact of artificial intelligence on secure infrastructures.

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