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Whether as an online seminar, face-to-face course or a mix of both: Fraunhofer teaches you the latest methods and findings in industry-relevant emerging technologies. We bring the latest research results to the business world in a practical and application-oriented way. With a high benefit value for your company and for you personally.

Our Training Portfolio

Online Courses and Blended Learning

Onsite Group Trainings and Certification Courses

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Fraunhofer Academy & Cybersecurity Learning Lab

We understand continuing education as the key to implementing innovations in business and society. We therefore qualify specialists and executives in areas of knowledge that reflect Fraunhofer's central competencies. Quality and cutting-edge research are our top priorities.

In cooperation with selected Fraunhofer Institutes, universities and partners, our training portfolio strengthens the skill development in the fields of digital security, artificial intelligence and quantum technologies. Teams and managers from industry and public agencies benefit from this compact qualification in high-quality laboratories with up-to-date IT infrastructure. They simulate real scenarios, learn their significance and consequences, and study suitable solution concepts practically in their use and efficiency.


  • Open training courses
  • Individually designed training
  • Closed workshops in our laboratories in Singapore and Germany
  • Demand- and target group-oriented in-house training
  • Online seminars and e-learning training



  • Up-to-date research knowledge prepared in a practical way
  • Testing tailor-made solution strategies in high-quality equipped laboratories: Learning in an innovative environment
  • Compact and transfer-oriented formats for job-integrated learning
  • Flexibly combinable building blocks, tailored to the respective needs of companies and authorities

Our Selected Training Courses (Online and Onsite)

Information on the individual course offers, their contents, registration modalities, requirements and duration are linked to the respective training courses below.


Fraunhofer Cybersecurity Learning Lab

Quantum Security

Trends and developments in modern cryptography, post-quantum cryptography and quantum cryptography and cryptoagility.


Fraunhofer Cybersecurity Learning Lab

AI Security


Fraunhofer Cybersecurity Learning Lab

Security Engineering

Overview of the approaches for IT security analyses of embedded systems


Fraunhofer Cybersecurity Learning Lab

Future Mobility and Transportation


Fraunhofer Cybersecurity Learning Lab

More Cybersecurity Learning Lab Courses

The Cybersecurity Learning Lab provides more training courses in Germany. Learn more about our portofolio. New local courses can be requested on demand. 


Fraunhofer Academy

Transformative Digital Skills for Healthcare

Are you a healthcare professional looking to drive technology-enabled innovation?


Fraunhofer Academy

Professional Education and Training - online or onsite on-demand courses in Germany and Singapore

Current Professional Training Course Portfolio Singapore

Fraunhofer Singapore - Academy Trainings

Date Name Location Type Target audience
On Demand Post Quantum Cryptography online
or on-site
Fraunhofer Academy Specialists
On Demand AI and ML for Security  online
or on-site
Fraunhofer Academy Specialists
On Demand DeepFakes online
or on-site
Fraunhofer Academy
On Demand Hacking: Binary Exploitation online or on-site Fraunhofer Academy Specialists
On Demand Embedded Security for FPGA on-site Fraunhofer Academy Specialists
On Demand Secure Software Engineering in Automotive Development Process onine or on-site Fraunhofer Academy Specialisits
On Demand IT Security in Vehicle Communication online or on-site Fraunhofer Academy Specialists

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Artificial Intelligence

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Fraunhofer Academy

Cybersecurity Training Lab

Cybersecurity made by Fraunhofer

Cybersecurity Training Lab

Find out more about our goals, recipe for success and the concept of the Lab with its cybersecurity trainings in our flyer.

Cybersecurity trends by Fraunhofer

"Sometimes people just aren’t aware of the problem"- Find out more about the trends in the field of cyber security in the following document. Join us on our way toward a secure digital future!  

IT security research projects

Fraunhofer researchers are working on tomorrow's security technologies. Find out more about the the hardware and software Fraunhofer specialists have created.

Cyberkicker - or beating computer viruses at the football table

How does foosball help with IT security awarness? Find out in this article of Research News.