Outreach Activities

A new international engagement strategy focused on increased relevance through greater value creation for customers and stakeholders in the Fraunhofer network and our partners. The mission of Fraunhofer Singapore Outreach is:

  • To coordinate R&D strategy within the Fraunhofer network
  • To increase scientific cooperation within Fraunhofer network and Asia
  • To expand competence portfolio offered in the SG R&D market
  • To strengthen R&D industry transfer and collaboration with German and Singaporean MNO and SME corporates

Business and Brand Development

Visibility and Market Access in Singapore and South-East Asia

  • Fraunhofer Institutes and Fraunhofer portfolio in general
  • Fraunhofer Alliances and Groups
  • Technology and competence scouting bidirectional

Research Ecosystem Understanding and Networking

  • Ecosystem understanding and consultation for partner in Germany and Singapore,
  • Orientation support within the Fraunhofer Network in Germany for partners from Singapore
  • Identifcation of Fraunhofer Know-How and Expertise in Germany
  • Outreach to Fraunhofer institutes, universities and research groups
  • Innovation Scouting

Business Development Support

  • Singapore  and ASEAN market segmentation & intelligence 
  • Identification of collaboration proposal opportunities with Government, Agencies, and Industry
  • Coordination of incoming governmental and industry inquiries to Fraunhofer institutes and partners from and in Singapore
  • Joint customer qualification
  • Spin-off and incubation support with partners

Networking and Exchange

Research Exchange Programme

  • German scientists exchange temporarily to Singapore and partner institutions; vice versa
  • Identification of internships and research scholars opportunities
  • Joint project work with industry partners and R&D institutions

Local Partner Network in Singapore

  • Multinationals, Small-Medium-Companies and industry partners
  • Close collobaration with universities (IHL) and local research organizations 
  • Strong network to German Embassy in Singapore

Service and Support

Joint Marketing

  • Local representation for Fraunhofer institute activities and portfolio
  • Topic specific workshops to explore demand for precompetitive R&D and create public-private consortia with local partners
  • Support in tradeshows, booths, and conferences
  • Customer discovery and support

Support in Contractual Matters

  • Support in contract negotiations and legal support with local legal experts 
  • Intellectual Property recognizing, protecting, and managing intellectual property assets in collaboration in collaboration with local attorneys and domain experts
  • Support in NDA and T&C negotiations in accordance with EU law and SG-based legal agreements in compliance with Singapore law
  • Support in export/import control

International Project Coordination

  • Joint projects with Fraunhofer Institutes and partners in Germany and Singapore
  • International Project Coordination and Execution
  • Proof-of-Concepts, Demonstrators and R&D showcases from Fraunhofer  Institutes and partners can be positioned at Fraunhofer Singapore

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