Scientist / Senior Researcher (Quantum Communication)

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and its project centre Fraunhofer Research Centre@NTU is partner in the National Quantum-Safe Network NQSN, Singapore. For NQSN’s Quantum Communication Infrastructure & Quantum Security Lab, we are seeking highly motivated research scientist with experience in optical network, quantum technologies, and signal processing who enjoys solving real-world security problems and is interested in enhancing their expertise in application-oriented communication security. 

Roles & Responsibilities

The successful candidates will be responsible for conducting novel research, development, evaluation and demonstration of cutting-edge and advanced quantum communication technology that will result in new technologies and services.  Successful candidates for research scientist’ positions will help to design, implement, assess and deploy quantum communication technologies, services and solutions. Successful candidate will work with a team of international cybersecurity and quantum experts to develop novel solutions. 


What we expect from you

  • PhD or Master’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a related field or the equivalent combination of education and related experience.
  • 3+ years of experience planning and executing research projects related to quantum communication networks or optical networks, Knowledge and experience in classical optical communication systems (both fibre and wireless-based)
  • Experience in DSP and its FPGA implementations for optical communications
  • Experience in experimental QKD system and its integration with classical high-speed communications for QKD-secured networks field-trials with focuses on 1) physical-layer model for quantum network planning; 2) standardized key interface and management; 3) quantum network management and assurance
  • Experience with international QKD standards such as ETSI
  • Strong interest and experience in building and evaluating quantum-safe network infrastructure and having a real-world impact in society, transport and industrial domain - Strong programming capabilities (C/C++, Python, and/or VHDL/Verilog)
  • Publish, participate, and serve in the research community through conferences, consortiums, workshops, industry research projects etc.
  • Build and strengthen university relationships and pursue collaborations with universities, and other academic/industry research labs. Communication and Reporting
  • Good communication skills and good standard of English (both written and spoken). Speaking multiple languages is a plus.
  • Good team player with both research and engineering ethics.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.


What you can expect from us

  • State-of-the-art workplace and collegial work atmosphere
  • International research environment
  • Systematic career planning


Additional remuneration options besides regular salary

  • Possibility to pursue a PhD and further the scientific development
  • Options for various career qualifications in science and industry
  • Develop personal network further
  • Support for balancing work and family


About Fraunhofer Singapore

Fraunhofer is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization. According to the 2018 „Randstad Employer Brand Research Global Report“ Fraunhofer is one of the most attractive employers. Our research efforts are geared entirely to people’s needs: health, security, communication, energy and the environment. Fraunhofer Singapore is the first Fraunhofer subsidiary in Asia, developing solutions and services that benefi the society and help companies and industries stay ahead of the competition. As a result, the work undertaken by our researchers and developers has a significant impact on people’s lives. We are creative. We shape technology. We design products. We improve methods and techniques. We open up new vistas.