Can I apply online to Fraunhofer Singapore?

Yes. Job openings for which you may apply online contain a link and contact information. Job opening descriptions for offline applications contain a postal address to which you can send your application documents.

Which documents should I provide for an online application?

The bare minimum is an individual letter of application and your curriculum vitae. It would be of advantage if you include references and credentials about your prior employments and your education.

What if I do not have scanned references available?

In this case, please note this down in your letter of application and send copies of your documents to the postal address of the personnel/human resources division of Fraunhofer Singapore. Please note that we do not return the copies of your documents; rather, we scan them and dispose of them.

For how long will my data be stored by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft?

You can withdraw your application at any time. Likewise, you can delete your profile in the job market database. If you do not delete your own data, we keep them in our database for a maximum of 18 months after the position has been filled. Then your data will be anonymized. Anonymized data will only be used for statistical evaluations.

How and where can I place an unsolicited application?

Fraunhofer Singapore is currently creating many new positions. The indicated job openings may thus not necessarily reflect the present manpower demand. Therefore it may always be useful to place an unsolicited application, even if you do not have any former education in IT security topics. Please send an unsolicited application to the personnel/human resources division.

Useful Hints for an Application

We ask for your kind understanding that we can only deal with complete sets of application documents, and hand them over to our departments. Of course, your personal data will be treated strictly confidentially and will only be stored internally, as mandated by our data protection regulations.

Letter of application

This is the place to tell us

how you became aware of us,

which position in Fraunhofer Singapore you are applying for (Please include the reference number, if given),

which of our institute’s topics are your main areas of interest,

what are your professional experiences and qualifications relevant to these areas.

Of course, we would like to know the earliest possible date on which you could take up this position.

Please try to fit your letter into one DIN A4 page.

Curriculum Vitae

Your CV should be lucid, well-structured and reader-friendly.  It is meant for helping us to get a quick idea of your professional history, your qualifications, and your personality. Therefore, you should include in your CV details about your education, professional experience, and general knowledge and competences (such as with hard- and software, foreign languages, and comparable areas), as well as your personal interests.

Grades, References, and Credentials

Please confine your selection of  references to those relevant to the position you are applying for. These will usually include references concerning your university studies or other formal education, as well as references concerning prior employments.

Work Samples, Publications

If you are applying for a scientific position and have already published texts, we would be interested in a list of your publications. Likewise, if you are applying in other areas for which work samples can be provided, please include some in your application.


You will find current Fraunhofer Singapore offers on our Jobs/Career page.

Unsolicited Application

If you did not find an appropriate offer you may still apply. Please apply online or send your application documents to the responsible department head, directly to the executive officier.