Hardware and IoT Security

At Fraunhofer Singapore, our research is focused on solving a broad set of key problems in the areas of cyber physical security for emerging technologies. We research and develop mechanisms and technology for protecting interconnected systems and cyber-physical systems where data is exchanged to facilitate new services and business processes in smart industrial ecosystems. 

Hardware Security and Side Channel Resistance

Robust and Secure Cyber Physical Systems

Cyber physical systems and sensor systems for safety and security applications and infrastructures.

IoT Security Fraunhofer is running an IoT Security Lab to analyse IoT and IIoT components and communication used in the field. The IoT Security Lab facilitates a testbed and evaluation environment for (I)IoT services and devices. We help to develop processes for securing communication links, software and hardware based security solutions for IIoT systems, services, and procedures for secure remote software updates and remote maintenance.

Furthermore we provide penetration tests (white box, grey box, and black box) of both individual components and larger systems as well. The lab will be expanded continuously in order to accommodate current customer requirements concerning security tests. As IoT continues to revolutionize the way devices and services connect and interact with one another, there are a number of security and privacy challenges.

At Fraunhofer Singapore we confront these challenges and provide R&D that addresses the security and data protection aspects in industrial and IoT environments, e.g. in Industry 4.0, Maritime 4.0, as well as Smart Transportation and Automotive. 

Hardware Security Hardware security focuses on attacks on and protection measures in integrated circuits, microchips, as well as modules of several microchips on circuit boards. The main tasks are divided into the defense against attackers with physical access to their targets and the provision of a basic hardware security layer on which further protective mechanisms, e.g., for the protection of operating systems, can be built.

The focus is on security evaluation in the lab, on securing and integrating microcontrollers and secure elements, tampering protection, and on the reliable use of system-on-chips and FPGAs. In this context, research is conducted and published in areas of side-channel analysis of cryptographic implementations, fault attacks, hardware penetration testing, physical-unclonable functions (PUF), and the use of machine learning. The results extend the state of the art in evaluation and protection measures. This distinctive spectrum of expertise and the many years of experience, as well as the corresponding equipment landscape with tooling in the laboratory, allow complex systems to be examined for vulnerabilities and individual security solutions to be designed.

Focused Applications and Domains

Technology and consulting services for companies and organizations in various industries and domains.

Our Services and Offers

We work closely with our customers and partners in order to systematically assess and improve the security of both systems and products, to evaluate their reliability, to design them securely, and to sustainably ensure their security throughout the entire life cycle.


Evaluate security      

  • Security or threat analyses of embedded systems - after a vulnerability has become known or beforehand
  • Evaluate security against requirements from norms and standards, for example in the IoT and medical areas
  • Concrete hardware security evaluations of products, chips, and systems in the lab
  • Evaluation of IoT products regarding hardware, firmware and (radio) communication security
  • Side-channel analyses and fault attacks on cryptographic implementations
  • Development of measuring stations and tooling for side-channel analysis and fault attacks according to customer requirement

Design security 

  • Customized security concepts for embedded systems and IoT products based on a trade-off between costs and security.
  • Security solutions based on informed selection and correct implementation of protection mechanisms of modern microcontrollers or system-on-chips as well as dedicated security chips
  • Ready-to-use security functions and cryptographic algorithms in firmware on microcontrollers and in hardware on FPGAs for IoT devices to implement, for example, encryption and secure updates

Maintain security   

  • Development of security roadmaps for products, especially with increasing regulatory requirements, e.g., in medical devices and IoT devices in general
  • Forward-looking security assessments and forecasts of challenges in the coming year

Publications & Activities



Security, Safety, and Fair Market Access by Openess and Control of the Supply Chain


Testing, Evaluation, Hardening

Hardware Security Lab

Our Security Lab offers a broad spectrum of hardware security analyses: from offensive security analysis of embedded systems to highly specialized attacks on security implementations.