Digital Sovereignty

Digital Sovereignty, Data Control, Privacy

Security and trust are a building block which is closely aligned to Singapore’s digital transformation. Fraunhofer helps leverage these potentials and provides fundamental technology for trust-based data handling, for example the data-sovereignty of sensitive information within organizations and personal privacy integration. We support our customer in design, the realization and evaluation of security, privacy and trust.

Privacy Preserving Technologies

  • Applied Privacy-Enhancing Technologies
  • Quantum Secure Sharing and Proxy Re-Encryption for Cloud data 
  • Secure Private Information Retrieval

Secure Data Ecosystems

  • Secure Data Ecosystem with technologies that enable companies to exchange data in a secure environment 
  • Trustworthy cloud infrastructures and International Dataspaces

Secure Digital Identities

  • Secure digital identities (SDI) and Self-Sovereign Identity Usage
  • Interoperability, privacy, and usability, trustworthiness and cost-efficiency

Fraunhofer-Initiative »Industrial Data Space«

The Fraunhofer-driven »Industrial Data Space« initiative is a virtual data space and reference framework using standards and common governance models to facilitate the secure exchange and easy linkage of data and digital services in economic ecosystems. Industrial Data Space is driven by a consortium of twelve Fraunhofer institutes together with industrial and governmental partners in Germany. Certainly, the Industrial Data Space initiative is not limited by any geographic boundary, but clearly has an international ambition. It provides a basis for creating and using smart services and innovative business processes, while at the same time ensuring digital sovereignty of data owners. Fraunhofer can help to guide partners and customers aiming at establishing a network of trusted data and services.

Industrial Data Spaces – The intelligent data infrastructure for business

Our Services and Offers

We work closely with our customers and partners in order to systematically assess and improve the security of both systems and products, to evaluate their reliability, to design them securely, and to sustainably ensure their security throughout the entire life cycle.


Evaluate security      

  • Evaluation of security in accordance with a variety of assessment criteria as well as best practice standards
  • Conducting threat and risk analyses
  • IDS Readiness Check and Audit

Design security 

  • Support regarding information security, privacy and data protection during development
  • Development of cryptographic-, IT security- and data protection concepts
  • Development of privacy-enhanced systems and prototypes
  • Development of solutions regarding usability, data privacy and security

Maintain security   

  • Risk management and vulnerability management
  • Support in conducting security audits
  • Training in the areas of data ecosystems, digital sovereignity and privacy

Selected Solutions & Activities


Applied Privacy Technologies

Privacy Preserving and Video Monitoring in Public Spaces and Sensitive Industrial Areas

  • Data protection and tracability
  • Privacy-Preserving Technology

Applied Privacy Technologies


With re:claimID, Fraunhofer AISEC created a tool for self-sovereign management of digital identities. It enables users to securely manage digital identities and personal information and share them with other parties over a decentralized directory.



Secure Data Ecosystems

Clouditor helps organizations to automatically comply with critical security and compliance requirements.


Data Sovereignty

International Data Spaces

The International Data Spaces enable the sovereign, and thus self-determined, sharing of data across company borders.