Cyber Security for the Future

Cyber security is the basic prerequisite for digitalization. Whether it is in automotive, production, critical infrastructure or digital services, confidence in the safety of new technologies is indispensable.

COSADE finds its way to Asia.

The 9th International Workshop on Constructive Side Channel Analysis and Secure Design will be jointly organized by Fraunhofer Singapore and NTU on 23th-24th April 2018.

Cyber and Information Security

Fraunhofer Group "Cyber and Information Security" in Singapore is investigating cyber and information security and the design of robust and more resilient systems and services used. In the context of the current cyber landscape, we explore and extend state-of-the-art advanced methods and technologies. Our research covers system security, statistically optimal analytics on contextual information and its visualization. We are researching on resilience that enables to respond appropriately and distribute and escalate measures to detect, protect and respond to large scale attacks and sophisticated adversaries.


Cyber Intelligence and 
Threat Prediction

We research on Collaborative Threat Intelligence and Neuronal Cyber Defense to shift from defence-in-depth to advanced prediction and AI-supported early warning.


Visual Analytics in Cyber Security

We investigate 
how Visual Analytics and Exploration of cyber security datasets using augmented reality can support cybersecurity professionals efficiently and interactively.


Information Security and Industrial Cryptography

We explore new ways in information security and the design of more robust and resilient systems and services used.

With our research activities we establish local R&D collaborations with partners from industry, and governmental, and thus, serves as a local partner for research, development and innovation in applied cyber security, protection and defense. 


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