Industrial Immersive Technologies

Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality for Industrial Professionals

Immersive Media Technology comprises of Virtual and Augmented Reality, intuitive Human-Machine Interaction, as well as Digital Content Generation and 3D Reconstruction. The gap between the real and the virtual worlds is disappearing across industries and end users, and it is seen as one of the four focal areas that underpin Singapore’s move towards a digital economy and smart society. Immersive technology has become extremely comfortable, easy to use, and opens multiple doors for users to interact with both the real and virtual worlds, providing fundamentally new experiences. Along with this, reliable and performant AR/MR/VR technology, services, and cloud platforms are critical for the mass adoption of immersive technology. This opens up new opportunities for enhanced and enriched experiences, along with new business possibilities for all industrial consumers.

At Fraunhofer Singapore, we are developing technology to power the next generation of immersive technologies, along with applications and services that will speak to a wider population. We have developed and continue to explore intelligent solutions along with digital services and platforms for Singaporean SMEs and larger businesses to leverage immersive technologies for greater competitiveness. We provide added value for industry, governmental institutions, corporate labs, research institutes and academia by delivering tailored solutions and a highly-skilled workforce. We integrate immersive techologies with existing cyber security, IoT, cognitive analytics and AI micro services and platforms that will help business and industry. We explore and study effects of using immersive and highly interactive media and its consequences on Singapore’s smart society. We implement and realize advanced immersive pilots with our ecosystem partners and clients. We focus on developing and expanding a tech-rich R&D ecosystem for driving AR, MR and VR adoption.

Areas of Expertise

Augmented Reality for Industry 4.0

Our research focuses on AR/MR/VR-based solutions for Smart Industrial Engineering, Maintenance and Industrial Applications in Industry 4.0 and beyond.

Collaborative Virtual Reality Training

Interaction between multiple persons plays a crucial role during training. We are exploring collaborative environments for Virtual Reality training to support those demands.

Enhanced Learning Environments

Creating new interactive and immersive learning experiences for anatomical education.

Cognitive Immersive Technologies

We work on the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and AR/VR that allow to understand the users and environment better, allow faster interactions and predict intentions and reasoning in complex situations to provide supporting information and services in real-time.

Novel Mixed Reality Experiences

We are able to fuse reality and virtuality in new and exciting ways. Hence, our Mixed Reality experiences go beyond typical off-the-shelf Virtual Reality solutions.

Immersive Training and Assistance

We create Advanced Immersive Technology and Services for Industrial Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO), Training and Professional Education. Our solutions are ranging from low-cost to high-performace solutions that skill up your workforce.

VR/AR in Building Construction

With our research, we create advanced services and technologies for AR/MR/VR-enhanced Digital Contruction and Smart Buildings Services ranging from HDB flats to the Factory of the Future.

Synthetic Data Generation for Deep Learning

We create solutions for synthetically generating labelled training data allowing full control over the generated data and 3D information can easily get integrated into the training.

Creating the future of immersive experiences in this areas requires a highly interdisciplinary effort with experts across many fields. At Fraunhofer, we bring together an interdisciplinary team of researchers and engineers working in computer vision, machine learning, object recognition, graphics, gaming and education, distributed computing, and industrial automation and information security. We work seamlessly together to make virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences great.

As a premium provider of research and technology, Fraunhofer's research targets cross-domain solutions and services which suport many areas of application. Current activities are focused on high-impact contexts, including Industry 4.0, Smart Transportation, Smart Health, Work 4.0, Construction 4.0, Smart Society, Safety and Security.

Our Services and Solutions

Fraunhofer offers cutting edge AR/MR/VR solutions and services enabling new and next generation immersive environments for a smart society. In particular, we offer:

  • Technical knowledge at the highest levels of science and technology and wide-ranging expertise in the area of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Enhanced Reality, Interactive Media as well as related hardware technologies, services, analytics and applications.
  • Custom-tailored Research and Development, Testing and Advanced 2D/3D Modeling as a Service
  • Industrial Pilots and Prototyping of Immersive Technologies and Services
  • Vendor-neutral expertise for industry’s and domain specific requirements
  • Our team provides fast response time and high service quality
  • State-of-the-art laboratories to conduct contract R&D and fast prototyping 
  • Consulting services and studies, feasibility studies and best practices and trainings
  • International collaboration platform with leading global partners

Our Prototyping, Platform and Solution Portfolio for Immersive Technologies

Immersive Technology Pilots and Prototyping

We provide custom-tailored research and development, prototyping and testing of Immersive Technologies for Industrial and Commerical Applications. Contact us to learn how we can help you reach your goals.

Digital Service Lab for Industrial Immersive

We consult, design and develop next generation immersive services and solutions. Fraunhofer runs an Immersive Service Lab to develop proof-of-concept solutions and analyse AR/MR/VR-based concepts, digital services, and implementations.

Augmented Reality Tracking Library for Industries

A spinoff of Fraunhofer, Visometry‘s visionLib tracking library for industries enables highly accurate object tracking in dynamic sceneries and illuminations with greater precision.

Smart3D - Digitalization for 3D Collections

Our Smart3D Digitisation Platform gives your 3D collections of products, artefacts, or heritage much greater visibility and accessibility, through a new immersive way of catalouging and fusing information. Present your collections online or showcase them onsite for marketing and product presentations.

Digitalization of Natural Objects

With our experience in 3D reconstruction, digital copies of organic objects like plastinated body parts or stones can be created in a short amount of time while preserving their geometry and material properties with high accuracy.

Our prototypes and solutions range from essential building block technoloiges to final products. For examples, we offer 3D markerless tracking technology and we realize language translation applications which labels objects seen in a user‘s field of view. We offer AR-supported telepresence for industrial maintenance and assistance solutions which allows conversation with a remote field-engineer as if you were in the same room, and we provide AR/MR/VR-based testing and marketing solutions for product-service-bundles. And many more. As we engage in research, we collaborate with local partners from industry and government, thus serving as a local partner for research, development and innovation in advanced immersive technologies for industrial, governmental and commercial contexts. We can help you create effective pilots, technologies, and services to solve your problems and build on existing opportunities.

Contact us to learn how we can help you reach your goals.

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