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Building a Secure Data and Service Infrastructure for Business and Industry

In a smart society, data will be just as important as capital, manpower or natural resources. Data make the development of innovative services possible. Thus for example information on logistics or health service provider can help provide more effective and more individual and efficient products and services to each individual client. Here, digital trust and security are an essential cornerstone, you might recognize it when you see it. You’ll certainly know when you’ve lost it.

Digital Trust and Security is a building block which is closely aligned to Singapore’s digital transformation and innovation. Fraunhofer helps leverage these potentials and provides fundamental technology for trust-based data handling, for example the anonymization of information, security integration, trust provision and the implementation of secure digital services and applications. We are already working on concrete solutions for making data and digital services more secure. We are working on enabling technologies and best-practices for business and society. We support our customer in design, the realization and evaluation of security and trust, as well as the robustness of digital services and micro service architectures in industrial and commercial applications. 

Fraunhofer-Initiative »Industrial Data Space«

The Fraunhofer-driven »Industrial Data Space« initiative is a virtual data space and reference framework using standards and common governance models to facilitate the secure exchange and easy linkage of data and digital services in economic ecosystems. Industrial Data Space is driven by a consortium of twelve Fraunhofer institutes together with industrial and governmental partners in Germany. Certainly, the Industrial Data Space initiative is not limited by any geographic boundary, but clearly has an international ambition. It provides a basis for creating and using smart services and innovative business processes, while at the same time ensuring digital sovereignty of data owners. Fraunhofer can help to guide partners and customers aiming at establishing a network of trusted data and services.

Fraunhofer Singapore provides help and support on following topics: 

  • Secure Smart Services: Creation and use of smart services and digital business model; including secure data exchange and easy linkage of data and services
  • Data sovereignty: How can a data owner specify the terms and conditions of use of the data provided
  • Secure data supply chain: How can data be exchanged securely across the entire data supply chain, i.e. from data creation to data capture to data usage
  • Digital Trust: How can all participants, data sources, and data services can be certified against commonly defined rules
  • International Collaboration Partner

Industrial Data Spaces – The intelligent data infrastructure for business

Trusted Digital Service Platforms and Architectures

We develop trusted platform technology and services based on manufacturer-independent open standards. To address challenges that arise, it is necessary to reliably assess the identity and integrity of each entity involved and provide strong means for data secrecy and privacy. Fraunhofer provides the knowledge and technologies required for establishing these qualities of trust in modern system architectures. These solutions range from hardware-based trust anchors (such as Trusted Platform Modules) over modern OS isolation mechanisms to the design and integration of trustworthy service architectues, applications and protocols. With its ten-year background in the area of Trusted Computing and active contribution in the relevant standardization bodies, Fraunhofer has assembled the necessary knowledge and experience to be one of the leading experts in this field. Through active collaboration with a variety of research and industrial partners, Fraunhofer develops technologies and solutions suited for the needs of trustworthy and  secure smart services. In particular, our portfolio includes:

  • Security and Privacy by Design for Digital Service Archtiectures
  • Anonymous Attestation and Privacy Preserving Technologies for Smart Services
  • Development of new security adn digital trust concepts and architectures to safeguard cyber-physical systems, digital services, data and their communication connections
  • HSM and TPM integration conception for Embedded Systems and the arising Internet of Things
  • Fraunhofer SIT TPM Software Stack 2.0; Software Stack and Middleware design and implementation
  • Trusted Services and Trusted Microservice Platforms: Design, Development, Prototyping
  • Trusted Execution Environments and Trusted Container Architectures; e.g. Microkernels and lightweight compartmentization
  • Protocol integration and development for trust establishment and configuration / identity assessment

Furthermore, Fraunhofer runs a Trusted Platforms Lab to develop proof of concept solutions and to analyse Trusted Computing-based concepts, trusted services, and implementations. Based on the development tool sets specifically for TPM 2.0 systems, our lab provides solutions for the most recent technologies in this field.

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The »Industrial Data Space« initiative aims at creating a secure data space that supports enterprises of different industries.


TSS Software Platform for TPM 2.0

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Infineon and Intel partner with Fraunhofer on TPM 2.0 and TSS

Infineon enables open source software stack for TPM 2.0 – for easier integration of security into industrial and automotive.

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