Cyber- and Information Security for Secure Smart Societies

Cyber- and information security is the basic prerequisite for the digital transformation. Whether it is in the automation industry, automotive production, critical infrastructure or smart services, confidence in security and safety are indispensable.

Digital Defense

Next Generation Collaborative Threat Intelligence and Attack Recovery for Industrial Systems

Future cyber defense systems need to go beyond just blocking threats. With the advent of hyperconnected commercial and industrial IoT, attackers can utilize those connected devices to infiltrate or attack larger infrastructure. Being able to detect and mitigate threats on (I)IoT level is becoming more important, leading to the need for more advanced, collaborative and resilient security immune systems, with a resilience and a higher attack tolerance. Current solutions have taken security beyond firewalls and enterprise-level protection down to personalization of security to any end device. However for IoT and IioT, many gaps and challenges still exist. Similar to the human immune system, these artificial immune systems for IoT for IIoT continually need to better adapt to new forms of threats, recognizing and neutralizing harmful activities, such as viral malware and attacks that constantly evolve.

Resilient Architectures and Self-learning Immune Systems are requried to facilitate security and trust in smart industrial ecosystems. It thereby provides a basis for creating and using smart services and innovative business processes, while at the same time ensuring digital sovereignty of data and service owners. Fraunhofer Singapore has extensive research epxerience in:

Threat Intelligence and Visual Analytics for IoT and IIoT

  • Self-monitoring, Self-healing and Self-defending architectures for IoT and IIoT
  • Methods and tools for (I)IoT immunization and continuous system health checks
  • Methods, analytics and simulations, to better visualize, understand and mitigate threats
  • Collaborative Threat Detection, Mitigation, Attribution, Reaction in IoT and IIoT
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Fusion
  • APT threat analysis

Adaptive Cybersecurity systems and Proactive Defense

  • Adaptive Cyber Defense Mechanisms and Moving Target Defense for IoT and IIoT
  • Self-protection and self-healing: trusted isolation, containment and remediation of infected nodes (network- and endpoint-level)
  • IoT and IIoT Industrial Security Gateways    

Fraunhofer Singapore is working on methods and techniques that can recognize and understand threats and allow proactive defense. Using AI cyberanalytics to counter attacks on IoT and IIoT, we aim to provide solutions that allow efficient and more robust detection and predictability, as well as identification of critical security issues in large scale networks earlier. Here, in particular, we work on new methods and techniques for collaborative threat detection, automated remediation, and adaptive and agile cybersystems.

Focused Fields of Application and Domains

Security for Industrial Internet of Things / Industry 4.0

Security in Automotive and Intelligent Transportation Systems

Maritime Cyber Security

Security and Trust for Smart Services and Cyber-Physical Systems

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