Interactive BIM Visualisation

Fraunhofer SingaporeĀ“s Smart BIM Review software is an intuitive and quick BIM visualisation tool that boosts collaborative design and review. It links traditional 2D floorplans of a building which are displayed on a touch table with complex 3D building models on a second screen. Users can easily navigate in the 3D BIM using touch-interaction on the 2D floorplans. This results in cost savings by preventing errors due to difficulties in syncing and visualising changes in the pre-construction phase.

The software retains and displays all details of the original BIM model in 3D down to the construction joints and power points. This synthesis allows for all stakeholders to quickly review any aspect of the building in 2D or 3D. This ability prevents mistakes from occurring in the preconstruction phase which results in considerable cost savings. The software can also be used as a BIM kiosk on the construction site to brief workers. 

SmartBIM Review (Youtube)




Real-time visualisation of complex BIM files

Autodesk Revit plugin to export your BIM files to Fraunhofer Singapore's Smart BIM Review software

Linking of 2D floor plans for easy navigation on a touch display to 3D BIM visualisation

Measurements on 2D floor plans and in 3D geometry

Selection, hiding, highlighting, and meta data display of single objects

Cropping functionality to isolate structures

Split screen mode (2D + 3D) to run on a laptop for mobile usage

Collaborative BIM review linking 2D floor plans to 3D BIM


Smart BIM Review

S$ 5,000 / year


inclusive Revit plugin

for Windows 10

compatible with standard touch screens



Do you need specific features not included in Smart BIM Review? 

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You can view a video of Smart BIM Review and download additional PR material below.