News / 31.5.2018

Immersive Media Helps SMEs Expand

Fraunhofer Singapore's Immersive Media boosts SMEs' scalability and operations


News / 21.6.2018

New $14M Centre for Maritime Safety

Training programmes will make use of Augmented and Virtual Reality



Press Release / 20.6.2018

Boosting Maritime Safety with Cutting-edge Technologies

Prototype of a virtual marine simulator guides seafarers through equipment failure


Press release / 18.6.2018

Transparent IT Production for Digital Sovereignty

IT experts plead for the use of verified open source products.


News / 31.5.2018

Mandarin Characters Come Alive

Fraunhofer Singapore's AR Chinese learning technology transforms learning into edutainment.


Press release / 15.5.2018

Chef-In-Box, Smart Vending Machine

Fraunhofer Singapore’s AR Smart Instructor tackles manpower and training issues.


News / 10.4.2018

Pioneering Technology Measures Emotional Workload

Fraunhofer Singapore collaborates with the Maritime Academy.


News / 6.6.2017

New Fraunhofer Singapore Institute at NTU to develop digital solutions

Minister Iswaran using the AR headset to view the overlay on the BMW i8


Press release / 6.6.2017

Official Opening of Fraunhofer Singapore

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft launches its first subsidary in Asia to develop digital technologies for companies in the digital era.