Fraunhofer Alumni Network

Successful alumni are the best hallmark of our research society. Become part of one of the largest MINT networks in Europe and network with other top-class scientists!

Benefit from the advantages of membership in the Fraunhofer-Alumni e.V. - no matter where in the world you are currently researching or working!

What links former Fraunhofer employees? It is their interest in forward-looking innovations, their shared experience of ever new challenges, and their enthusiasm for successful implementation in an economic environment.

As a member of the Fraunhofer-Alumni e.V., you can experience this Fraunhofer spirit not only virtually but also at various events. Our highly qualified scientists are the potential of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. They play a key role in establishing our reputation as the leading organization for applied research in Europe. Experts that have left the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft or are alumni for some time receive career support from the Alumni e.V. with the exclusive Career Portal.

Employee Spotlight

Li Fan

"I worked at Fraunhofer Singapore for two years and collaborated with my colleagues to complete several interesting projects. It was a unique opportunity to experience and contribute to Singapore’s smart nation movement"

Liu Yi Si

"Fraunhofer Singapore charted my growth professionally and personally. It is great to know that my work contributes to both public and private institutions and their technological innovations."

Luis Sacco

"It was a unique opportunity and experience to work at Fraunhofer Singapore and contribute to Singapore’s smart nation movement. I am especially glad to have contributed to industry projects in the field of A.I. and grateful for all I learnt from my amazing colleagues."

Dong Chaoqun

"Working on Fraunhofer Singapore’s projects brought me excitement when I  witnessed the cutting-edge technologies transferred to real-life applications to benefit lives in so many different aspects."

Chen Kan

"I developed a real appreciation for innovation at Fraunhofer Singapore and had a great time working on projects that benefitted the society with like-minded colleagues."